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PixEdit® Server

Microsoft Server application
Automatisering Automation Automatic optimization, separation and indexing
PixEdit icons (13) OCR Turn scanned text into real digital text
Filformat konvertering File conversion

Automatic recognition and conversion of more than 100 file formats

Systemintegrasjon Integration Flexible options for seamless system integration

Automatic document processing

PixEdit® Server will effectively improve all types of documents to the digital archive through automatic optimization, file format conversion and archiving of documents.
The application runs as a service on the server and can be easily integrated with document management systems through web services or folder monitoring. Documents can be retrieved from various folders and automatically processed according to configured profiles.

Improvement and optimization

PixEdit® Server ensures better readability and visual quality of the digital files that are archived. The quality is preserved while the size is reduced and requires less storage space.

PixEdit optimalisering


Advanced OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) turns text in images and scanned documents into digital text. This provides searchability and the possibility to reuse text.

PixEdit ocr

Document scanning

Server service for automatic optimization, OCR processing and identification and separation when batch scanning large document volumes.

PixEdit dokumentskanning

File processing

Over 100 different file formats can be converted to the standard file format for long-term storage and future readability

PixEdit file processing

System integration

Flexible integration options enable PixEdit Converter to be integrated with almost any document management systems.

PixEdit systemintegrasjon

What do you get with PixEdit® Server?

  • Flexible and automated processes for document flow- and processing
  • Administration of users, scanning profiles and configurations
  • Automatic enhancement and optimization of scanned documents for electronic archiving
  •  Separation and indexing with barcodes or QR codes
  • OCR (text recognition) for searchability and reuse of text
  • File format conversion for scanned and digitally born documents
  • Full utilization of machine capacity and unlimited number of documents
  • File storage according to the ISO PDF/A archive standard

PixEdit® Server produktark

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The software license is purchased and owned. Additional annual mainteance agreement is mandatory and includes upgrades and support.

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